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Well, hello there! Welcome to  g i f t s k r i e g a curated gift guide that collects beautiful, special things for you to give. Or keep- that’s up to you. We scour the web and feature what we love the most.

eCommerce is a funny thing.  Sometimes you discover something online that can be found in a shop around the corner from you, and sometimes it introduces you to something halfway around the globe. We’re here to make some introductions, start some love affairs, and make gifting a process to enjoy.black bow

Stay tuned for fun content, like tips on how to be a considerate gifter, what to expect from different retailers, and how to navigate eCommerce in this world of duties and brokerage fees. We hope you check in with us often and watch us grow. We’re here just in time for the holidays but do come and visit again when you need birthday inspiration… or Valentine’s Day… or whenever you could use a personal pick-me-up.

And find joy in gifting good!

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